Design Firm is Donating 2,500 Blankets to Those in Need (Share)

Hamptons based design firm pledges to support the New York Community with gift of 2,500 blankets in inaugural “the giving society” contribution.

SAGAPONACK, NEW YORK – Hampton’s based design firm Design Collectif has announced the inaugural launch of the giving society with an initial gift of 2,500 blankets to New York homeless shelters and another 500 across the country to displaced communities. Design Collectif hopes to support the New York Community by establishing the giving society and adding to the culture of deep community aid among businesses both locally and nationally. The blankets will be available for delivery to local organizations March 1, 2017. Applications for recipient organizations are now open.

Design Collectif is a California design firm with presence in New York since 2015. Aheran launches the giving society with the intent of giving a minimum of 3,000 blankets to organizations annually and hopes to create a platform for like-minded business to give back to the community and better support its most vulnerable members. Design Collectif recognizes the importance of community engagement.

“We choose not to judge, blame, punish or criminalize homelessness. We choose to contribute and try to change the faces of helplessness and hopelessness. We choose to stand solid and show kindness and compassion. The mission is to inspire connection and universal empathy as it really doesn’t take much to give others a sense of belonging; a sense of home and hope.”

- thegivingsociety

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